Integrated works of art strengthen the identity of the property and reinforce the distinctive characteristics of the environment


Nancy Sweeney has been an advocate for the arts for the past 25 years. Throughout her career as an art advisor, Nancy has worked for an international fine art gallery in Paris; developed corporate art programs in San Francisco; served on the Art in Public Places board in Vail; and developed numerous private art collections. Most recently, her focus has been on the Hospitality Industry, designing and implementing art programs for five-star luxury properties. This experience has resulted in several award-winning projects executed on both national and international levels. Nancy is actively involved in every project and curates customized art programs addressing individual client needs.


Katie joined Art Advisory as Project Manager in 2007. Her background in graphic design has been deeply instrumental in the development of the art selection process as she guides clients through visual representations of artistic renderings and design. Her aesthetic for fine art and her ability to recognize talented, burgeoning artists produces thoughtful and innovative art solutions. Katie facilitates the design process and oversees the technical complexities of art production and installation. She is fluent in Revu (CAD/PDF), InDesign, and Photoshop.


A graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder with a major in Economics and a minor in Business Analytics, Entrepreneurship, and Ethnic Studies; Gemma joined Art Advisory Service as a Business and Project Manager in 2016. With over three years of experience in the field, Gemma has successfully lead several projects to completion. Her organizational skills contribute to the operations of each project including financial planning, contract development, and client relations. Gemma is accomplished at Photoshop, InDesign, and CAD and will be engaged from beginning to end.


Michelle joined Art Advisory Service as a Project Manager in 2016. A graduate of the University of Denver, Michelle double majored in Art History and Finance. Her experience working for the Dikeou Collection as well as the Center for Photographic Arts have provided her valuable resources in collection management and private curation. Michelle has gained a deep appreciation for the role artists play in capturing the essence of a local community. Her passion for art and interior design has inspired her continuing education. Michelle’s technical skills with Revu (CAD/PDF Software), InDesign, and Photoshop contribute to art production, documentation, and communication for each project.


Terese Coco has been a professional in the arts since graduating from the University of Colorado at Denver with a Fine Art major and a Business Management minor. She brings over a decade of experience and established connections with a multitude of artists and galleries. Throughout her career, Terese has procured and curated exceptional fine art collections for projects in hospitality, executive offices, healthcare and residences. She utilizes PhotoShop and InDesign to demonstrate beautiful art programs customized for the uniqueness of each individual project. Terese has a passion for bolstering creativity and building lasting art collections.


Jessica first joined the firm in 2012, took a sabbatical in 2017, and re-joined the company in 2019. With a background in the literary arts, she has a reverence for the story each work tells, exploring the bridge between a property’s design and an artist’s inspiration. She has attained a large, working knowledge of contemporary art, sourcing high-quality works for each project. With several years’ experience as an Accounting Director and Business Manager, she manages projects with skillful efficiency and an eye for detail.


Eric brings over a decade of professional Financial Planning and Analysis experience to Art Advisory Service. After graduating from Marist College in New York, he worked consecutively, as a Financial Analyst, for two Fortune 500 companies. His career includes roles in the Software, Pharmaceutical, Agriculture and Hospitality industries. This range of experience has enriched Eric’s understanding of complex business operations, financial budgeting, and forecasting. Eric is fluent in Excel, PowerPoint, Sage, Salesforce, and has experience with multiple CRM systems.